About Moving Labor

We are about the hard work.  Wilmington Movers provides moving labor to load or unload your rental truck.  Local moving truck providers include Uhaul, Ryder, Budget, Penske, or Enterprise.  Moving labor to fill a PODS container includes our clever skills and experience to protect glass and certain other items.  We know PODS and the regional office knows us, as long as we've been around.

Our owner, Patrick L. Hill, is the manager and director of every job we do.  This hands-on management style has resulted in the inculcation of values and skills necessary to sustain long-term business success one job at a time.  We follow a certain chronology in loading your rental truck to maximize utility of the cargo space with the constraints of furniture safety and minimal wear or tear.

We do not often use the ramp tucked under a rental truck.  Ramps or walkways can be problematic.  They are problematic in the fashion industry and here too.  People and things can fall off a ramp.  Furniture and ankles can get hurt.  For this reason the manager of the moving job hands the items off the truck and they receive at chest level like they need to have anyway.  Also, there is accountability with one man in the truck to receive and pack, and the same man offloading to the industrious movers on the ground.

When booking us to load your rental truck where someone else will be unloading you, then plan to acquire on average one blanket per linear foot of truck or POD.  Otherwise, we provide quilts, blankets, rope, dollies, and tools for every moving labor job.